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Leominster Library Reading Group reads Forgetting Zoë

As part of the Fiction Uncovered 2011 promotion, we worked with The Reading Agency to reach reading groups across the UK. As part of the promotion eight selected reading groups were given one of the selected Fiction Uncovered titles to read and we’re delighted that they’ve been able to feed back their thoughts.

We’ll be posting up a selection of the reviews over the coming months.

This is Vera’s review of Forgetting Zoë by Ray Robinson. Vera is part of the Leominster Library Reading Group, Herefordshire.

“Forgetting Zoe tells the story of Thurman, the abused son of a brutal father and a brutalised mother, growing up on a remote ranch in Arizona, and the impact he has as a young man on the life of Zoe, a ten-year-old girl from the Canadian island of Unnr.  Orphaned and already a serial murderer, he abducts Zoe, imprisoning her in an underground bunker and subjecting her to sexual, physical and mental abuse.  Over eight years she gains only limited freedom on the ranch, until eventually she makes a bid to escape.

This is a powerful book, written in a compelling way that carries the narrative forward through the experience and mindset of characters set in vividly described backgrounds.  It is a dark story not to be read with pleasure, but with appreciation of Ray Robinson’s considerable skill in depicting the depths of human depravity and the strength of human resilience.”

Hear Jason Arthur, Publishing Director for Heinemann, talking about Ray Robinson’s Forgetting Zoë here.


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