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Brixton reading group reads The London Satyr

As part of the Fiction Uncovered 2011 promotion, we worked with The Reading Agency to reach reading groups across the UK. As part of the promotion eight selected reading groups were given one of the selected Fiction Uncovered titles to read and we’re delighted that they’ve been able to feed back their thoughts.

We’ll be posting up a selection of the reviews over the coming months.

This is a review of Robert Edric’s The London Satyr by Jennifer from Brixton reading group, London.

“A hot summer in Victorian London serves as the backdrop to Robert Edric’s new novel. The main character, photographer Charles Webster, narrates this tale giving us an evocative, compelling glimpse into the underworld of Victorian respectability, morality and society. London’s theatreland then provides the canvas for Edric’s storylines that weave themselves into an immediately engaging and intriguing novel.

Webster supplements his meagre income as a photographer by sequestering costumes from the wardrobe department where he works out to Marlow, a seedy and demanding pornographer, for his photo shoots.  Still grieving the death of his daughter, Webster seems to have found in the dark underbelly of society an exciting distraction involving him, if somewhat voyeuristically, in a world of sex, danger and death. Scandal ensues when a child prostitute is murdered and the London Vigilance Committee, who have been threatening to take action against any illicit or illegal gatherings, begin to close in on the world Webster is involved in, threatening him with shame, defamation and possibly jail or death.

The narrative threads of this novel – the loss of a favourite daughter, his wife’s newfound work as a spiritualist medium, his side line in the dark and nefarious world of pornography, nuanced domestic dynamics and the murder of a child are all interwoven to create a believable and credible story. A concise and involving read.”

Robert Edric on The London Satyr.

Robert Edric reads from The London Satyr.

Giles Foden on Robert Edric’s The London Satyr.




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