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Forgetting Zoë

‘The dark, unflinching tale of ten-year-old Zoe, abducted and imprisoned after a chance encounter.  While Thurman viscerally proves the apple never falls far from the tree, Zoe must find a way to outwit and escape from her perverse captor. A grim story written with extraordinary skill.’

Fiction Uncovered Judges 2011


Zoë Nielsen was just like any other ten-year-old walking to school, not knowing that a chance encounter with Thurman Hayes would lead to her abduction and imprisonment in a converted nuclear bunker, 4,000 miles away, beneath a remote ranch house in Arizona. Enslaved in her underground tomb, deprived of food and light and water, the girl Zoe once was steadily begins to disappear… But over time Thurman grows tired of the rapidly maturing Zoë, and when he decides it is time to get rid of her, Zoë must finally make her bid for freedom.

Forgetting Zoë is a moving, epic tale of courage, survival, horror and loss, that explores how a bond of affection and intimacy can develop between captive and captor.

About Ray Robinson:

Ray Robinson was born in North Yorkshire in 1971. His prize-winning stories are widely published in literary journals and he is the author of two novels: Electricity, which was nominated for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award, and The Man Without.

Hear Jason Arthur, Publishing Director for Heinemann, talking about Ray Robinson’s Forgetting Zoë here.