Downloadable A4 posters of each of the 8 Fiction Uncovered 2011 titles are available below.

Bookmarks, printed A3 posters and Free-Standing Display Units are available on request.Please contact [email protected] for more information.

A4 Downloadable Posters:

A4 Poster featuring all 8 Fiction Uncovered 2011 titles. Download FU-2011-Selected-Titles-A4

The Water Theatre by Lindsay Clarke (Alma Books) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Lindsay-Clarke-A4

The London Satyr by Robert Edric (Doubleday, Transworld) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Robert-Edric-A4

Proof of Love by Catherine Hall (Portobello) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Catherine-Hall-A4

Night Waking by Sarah Moss (Granta) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Sarah-Moss-A4

Nimrod’s Shadow by Chris Paling (Portobello) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Chris-Paling-A4

Disputed Land by Tim Pears (William Heinemann, Random House) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Tim-Pears-A4

Forgetting Zoë by Ray Robinson (William Heinemann, Random House) – A4 Poster FU-2011-Ray-Robinson-A4

The English German Girl by Jake Wallis Simons (Birlinn, Polygon) – A4 Poster FU-2011-J-Wallis-Simons-A4