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Salon London for Fiction Uncovered FM focus on ‘reading’

For Fiction Uncovered FM 2013, Salon London wanted to focus in on something critical to the success of any publishing venture, and so decided on ‘reading’. This Friday sees us hosting a mini Salon 11.00 – 11.30am on this subject to be broadcast on the airwaves from Foyles.

Olivia Laing will be in the studio to explain why great pain and suffering is often necessary for an authentic reading experience. Her book ‘The Trip to Echo Spring. Why Writers Drink’ is an exploration of the drinking lives of Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman and Tennessee Williams. How does their suffering influence our reading experience? Did they suffer so we could enjoy their art?

To explore the psychology of reading we have co-creator of Bibliotherapy Ella Berthoud. Author of up coming title ‘The Novel Cure’, Ella believes the process of reading can be used to solve all life’s problems – it’s simply a matter of getting the right book at the right time. We’ll be asking her what books can help us steer through any troubles in the studio, and what she would have recommended to those conflicted American writers.

To explore the science of reading we have author and former writer in residence at London’s Science Museum Tony White. Tony will be drawing on his experience of ‘Shackleton’s Man Goes South’ his book collaboration with the museum, and Missorts app, a GPS –triggered, permanent, text free immersive set of short stories in Bristol to explore what science has to offer the reading experience in terms of tech and content.

More massive ideas in intimate spaces from Salon London.

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