The eight titles for the 2013 promotion were selected by a judging panel chaired by novelist Louise Doughty, with judges Sandeep Mahal, Programme Manager at the Reading Agency, Lynne Hatwell, aka influential blogger dovegreyreader, and writer Courttia Newland.

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All the Beggars Riding

Lucy Caldwell

‘A jagged, searing and intense perspective on love, loss, the chaos of memory and so much more… an insightful and memorable novel.’

The Heart Broke In

James Meek

‘James Meek is surely the nearest thing the UK has to a John Irving. A supreme contemporary satirist as well as storyteller.’

The Village

Nikita Lalwani

‘Lalwani has a rare gift for getting inside character…a tough, engaging and often funny read where all your preconceptions will be overturned and no-one is quite how they seem.’

The Colour of Milk

Nell Leyshon

‘Imaginatively conceived, Nell Leyshon has perfectly captured characters in beautiful prose filled with truth, hope and anticipation that makes this novel a pure joy to read.’


Rupert Thomson

‘A splendorous, dark examination of the artist’s mind…a twisted hybrid of fantastical reality, stark and terrifying, that compels you to acknowledge its existence. Daringly bold and decadent.’


Amy Sackville

‘A truly talented writer, Sackville’s skill is in her poetic, lyrical writing…a beautiful, mystical novel of love, obsession and loss.’

Black Bread White Beer

Niven Govinden

‘A relationship exposed through the excruciating grief of an early miscarriage…a fluent, involving novel that takes the reader’s sympathies and emotions to the quietest, often most unrecognised limits of human pain.’

How I Killed Margaret Thatcher

Anthony Cartwright

‘Has the quiet power of a pebble thrown into a stream, creating ever increasing circles to explain not only what happened in 1980s England, but how we reached the here and now.’