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All the Beggars Riding

‘A jagged, searing and intense perspective on love, loss, the chaos of memory and so much more… an insightful and memorable novel.’

Lynne Hatwell 
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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. (Trad.)

Lara’s father was a prominent plastic surgeon who had honed his skills on the bomb victims of the Troubles. The family grew up used to him being absent: he only came to London for two weekends a month to work at the Harley Street Clinic where he had met their mother years before. But when Lara was twelve she found out that home, for her father, wasn’t with her own family. It was in Belfast, where he led his other life. And when he is killed suddenly in a helicopter crash, her father’s secret life collides unavoidably with her own.

Narrated by Lara, nearing forty and nursing her dying mother, All the Beggars Riding is the heartbreaking portrait of a woman confronting her past.

About Lucy Caldwell:

Lucy Caldwell was born in Belfast in 1981. She has written two novels, Where They Were Missed (2006) and The Meeting Point (2011) which won the Dylan Thomas Prize. Lucy has previously won the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and was recently shortlisted for the BBC International Short Story Award. She is also an award-winning playwright.

All the Beggars Riding is published by Faber and Faber. Read a review of All the Beggars Riding here.