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Black Bread White Beer

‘A relationship exposed through the excruciating grief of an early miscarriage…a fluent, involving novel that takes the reader’s sympathies and emotions to the quietest, often most unrecognised limits of human pain.’

Lynne Hatwell 
Literary Blogger at dovegreyreader scribbles


Amal is driving his wife Claud from London to her parents’ country house. In the wake of Claud’s miscarriage, it is a journey that will push their relationship – once almost perfect – towards possible collapse.

In this, his latest novel, Govinden casts a critical eye on a society in which, in spite of never-ending advances in social media communications, the young still find it difficult to communicate.

A devastatingly passionate and real portrait of a marriage, ‘Black Bread White Beer’ keenly captures the abandon, selfishness, hazards and pleasures that come with giving your life to another.

About Niven Govinden:

Niven Govinden was born in East Sussex in 1973 and then educated at Goldsmiths College where he studied film. We Are The New Romantics was published in 2004. His second novel Graffiti My Soul was published in January 2007.

Black Bread White Beer is published by The Friday Project. Read our review of Black Bread White Beer here.