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How I Killed Margaret Thatcher

‘Has the quiet power of a pebble thrown into a stream, creating ever increasing circles to explain not only what happened in 1980s England, but how we reached the here and now.’

Courttia Newland 

Author, Playwright and Literary Activist


‘All the screens have Margaret Thatcher’s face on them. There are hundreds of them. She’s giving a speech. It’s like she’s telling us all off, but we can’t hear her.’

Nine-year-old Sean has never seen anything like what happens on the day Margaret Thatcher takes power. In the industrial Midlands where he lives, it feels like the beginning of the end. And when Sean’s grandad discovers their Uncle Eric voted Tory, the family peace – along with Sean’s idyllic childhood – is shattered.

Heartbreaking and funny, How I Killed Margaret Thatcher is a deeply moving novel about the families and communities torn apart by the actions of our most controversial Prime Minister.

About Anthony Cartwright:

Anthony Cartwright as born in Dudley in 1973. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novels The Afterglow and Heartland. He worked as an English teacher in East London for a number of years and is currently a school writer-in-residence as part of the First Story project. He lives in North London with his wife and son.

How I Killed Margaret Thatcher is published by Tindal Street Press. Read our review of How I Killed Margaret Thatcher here.