Posted on 27th August 2014

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David Hebblethwaite on three Welsh novels in translation

I’ve been aiming to incorporate my main reading interests in these columns for Fiction Uncovered. Today, it’s the turn of fiction in translation: I’ve chosen to look at three Welsh-language novels which won the Wales Book of the Year award and have since been translated into English. There was no great design in choosing these three particular titles, but I’ve found that they share a concern with the interaction of place and character, in their own individual ways.

Posted on 12th August 2014

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Ten Contemporary British Short Story Writers

I love short stories; I think they’re a sorely underappreciated genre of fiction. So I’m going to recommend ten of my favourite current British short story writers. (This isn’t a ‘top ten’, by the way; I couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to – be that definitive. But I do heartily recommend the work of each of these writers.)

Posted on 7th August 2014

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Uncovering The Reader

In his first post as Guest Editor on the site David Hebblethwaite discusses his development as a reader and how it is not always writers and books that need uncovering – sometimes it’s us, the readers

Posted on 6th August 2014

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David Hebblethwaite announced as Guest Editor

We are thrilled to announce that David Hebblethwaite will be joining us as Guest Editor on over the next month. Check the website, Twitter and Facebook feeds for his articles the first of which will be posted later this week.