Posted on 3rd June 2015

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Adventures With Words duo announced as Guest Editors

We are delighted to announce that the Adventures With Words duo, Kate Neilan and Rob Chilver will be joining us as Guest Editors on over the next month. Check the website, Twitter and Facebook feeds for their articles, the first of which will be posted later this week.

Our previous Guest Editors have been Naomi FrisbySimon Savidge, David HebblethwaiteKaite Welsh and Anita Sethi.

Rob Chilver and Kate Neilan are Colchester-based bloggers and podcasters at They blog and talk mainly about books, but also love comics, film, TV, theatre and music.

Rob ChilverRob is a bookseller and Social Media assistant for Waterstones, working on a number of mediums from blogging to Twitter and Instagram. He can be found on Twitter and on Instagram: @robchilver 



Kate Neilan

Kate is a former secondary school teacher, who reads like her life depends on it, as long as she’s awake enough.  She’ll read almost anything, but loves cold crime, good quality sci-fi and fantasy and young adult fiction. She studied English Lit at Duham, where she wrote her dissertation on the changing portrayal of girls and women in Children’s Fiction. @Magic_Kitten

They can both be found @wordadventures




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