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A Novel

By David Whitehouse

cvr9781451614237_9781451614237_hrBed was published in 2011 by Canongate in the UK, Scribner in the US and 16 other countries. It won The Betty Trask Prize 2012.

Over the course of two decades, immobility and a gargantuan appetite combine to make Mal the fattest man in the world. Despite his seclusion, Mal’s condition earns him worldwide notoriety and a cult of followers convinced he is making an important statement about modern life. But his actions will also change the lives of his haunted parents, his brother and the woman they both love, Lou.

BED by David Whitehouse – UK trailer Dir: James Lees from James Lees on Vimeo.

A trailer for BED by David Whitehouse, published by Canongate on June 2nd 2011.

Directed by James Lees
Written by David Whitehouse
Produced by Campbell Beaton & Tiernan Hanby

Nothing Ever Changes’ written by Bill Ryder-Jones
Licensed by courtesy of Domino Publishing Company Limited, (PRS).



Praise for BED

“Outlandishly clever description… Ingenious one-liners… There’s no question that [David Whitehouse] is a writer to watch.”

– Janet Maslin, New York Times

“A gorgeous, heartrending book, a book full of sentences so apt and well wrought, I sometimes had to read them twice.”

– Henry Alford, San Francisco Chronicle

“Gorgeous writing… A deceptively effortless, haunting first novel.”

– Boston Globe

“David Whitehouse has taken what might be a gimmicky hook in a lesser writer’s hands–a romance triangulating around a bedridden media spectacle, the world’s most obese man–and turned it, through lapidary prose, into a soulful meditation on a fraternal love as singular as it is universal.”

– Teddy Wayne, author of Kapitoil

“Bed is a deftly-told wonder. Mr. Whitehouse’s writing is accomplished, poetic, and deeply affecting.”

– Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned

“Staggering, inventive, and heartbreakingly beautiful.”

– Esquire (UK)

“The best new novel I’ve read in ages.”

– Sam Delaney, Guardian

“Sad and funny and pretty brilliant, too.”

– The Observer (UK)

“Masterful… [An] accomplished debut… [Whitehouse] maintains a tone of subtlety and grace, pulling a distinguished and accessible story out of a profoundly strange experience.”

– Publishers Weekly, starred review (“Pick of the Week”)

“A totally extraordinary and original novel.”

– Heat (UK)

“A deeply affecting debut… A thoughtful commentary on food obsession, celebrity and, ultimately, a brother’s love.”

– People



DavidWhitehouseDavid Whitehouse is an award-winning novelist, journalist and screenwriter. His first novel,Bed, won the 2012 Betty Trask Award and was published in 14 languages. David writes regularly for the Guardian and The Times and is editor-at-large of ShortList magazine. Originally from Warwickshire, he now lives in London.


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