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Reviews: Significance by Jo Mazelis

Significance-Reprint 72dpi“With Significance Mazelis has set her novel-writing bar at a breathtaking height.” — Rachel Trezise, Agenda

 Fiction – Significance by Jo Mazelis

Significance is written with admirable storytelling skill that weaves captivating narrative tension, poetic density and exploration of ideas. Further enjoyment is provided by an acute sense of place which makes for a vivid experience of French urban life, and by the precision and awareness of the power of language, its multiple associations, beyond our conscious control, echoing Lacanian ideas subtly alluded to in the text – just one element of its intricate texture. It’s a story that will leave its readers with a lingering sense of tragedy along with some thought-provoking questions about the crime at the heart of the novel and about our own selves.”

Valerie Sirr, Wales Arts Reviews, 04.12.2014

In Praise of Significance by Jo Mazelis

“Significance, by Jo Mazelis, is a fascinating fusion of genre and high literature; it is a thriller, with a focus on psychology and character… There is a reason that this novel won the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize. It deserves much more acclaim.

Bethany W. Pope, The Lonely Crowd, 25.7.2015

Significance by Jo Mazelis

A truly truly wonderful novel – with an ending that will stay with me forever, this one deserves a lot of attention and I really cannot recommend it highly enough. Not enough stars in the world!

Liz Barnsley, Liz Loves Books, 10.11.2014

‘Significance’ by Jo Mazelis

Jo’s skill at bringing all of these seemingly tiny elements together and tying up every loose end is astonishing, and while reading the book I was going cross-eyed trying to imagine how an author would even begin to map out such a novel. To achieve a multi-character thriller that swaps from narrator to narrator yet remains true to every nuance is extremely impressive

Jane, J-Mo Writes, 4/8/2015

Review – Significance by Jo Mazelis

“Quite beautifully written, easy to read but with a poetic quality that takes your breath away at times, this book was unlike anything I’ve read before. I started reading it as a murder mystery, but soon realised it was so much more than that – its fascination is in the lives of the other people, and the way they are profoundly affected by a single event that happens to someone many of them don’t even know. Incredibly different and a totally mesmerising read – I really loved it.”

Anne Williams, Being Anne… 10.11.2014

Review – Significance by Jo Mazelis

“Beautifully written and with fine attention to the more complex attitudes of life, the author manages very successfully to weave together a several stranded story without making the whole seem messy and over complicated. I enjoyed the character analysis of all those who come into connect with Lucy on her last, fateful, afternoon, and discovering the incongruent ties which bind them all together, makes for an interesting and very different sort of read.”

Jaffareadstoo, 7.1.2015

Significance by Jo Mazelis

“I have never read anything quite like Significance before, it is original, it is thought-provoking, it is multi-layered and complex yet enticing and very addictive…..It is a murder mystery story, it is a thriller, it is also a delicately crafted, beautifully written story that will both delight and perplex the reader.”

Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letterbox, 27.12.2014

“I have just finished reading this book and I can honestly say that I couldn’t put it down. It was a well written hugely entertaining and thought provoking mystery. A fascinating look at how easily people’s lives can be affected by seemingly unimportant events. READ IT!”

“I gobbled this up in one glorious sitting. Like a wonderful French pastry it was impossible to put down without taking another bite, I’m still licking my lips hours later.”

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JoMazelisJo Mazelis is the author of short stories, non-fiction and poetry. Her collection of stories, Diving Girls (Parthian, 2002), was short-listed for the Commonwealth ‘Best First Book’ and Wales Book of the Year. Her second book, Circle Games (Parthian, 2005), was long-listed for Wales Book of the Year. Her stories and poetry have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and published in various anthologies and magazines, and translated into Danish.

Born and educated in Swansea Jo returned to her home town in 1991 after working in London for many years. During the 1980s she worked as a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator for the magazines City LimitsWomen’s ReviewSpare RibUndercurrents, Everywoman and New Dance.




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