Posted on 18th October 2010

By Matt Thorne, Novelist

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Fiction Uncovered by… Matt Thorne, novelist

Amanda Filipacchi’s three novels to date — Nude Men (1993), Vapor (1999) and Love Creeps (2005) — are three of the funniest, oddest, most brilliantly written American novels ever published. I believe she’s better known in the United States, but to the best of my knowledge her second two books were never published here, and although something of a cult novel, Nude Men — an inverse Lolita where it’s the nymphet pursuing a hapless man— never really got the reception it deserved.  The kind of comedy she writes no longer seems in fashion—that dark, wicked, adult humour that readers of literary fiction sometimes view with suspicion.  All three of her novels start with truly outrageous set-ups written about as if they’re entirely normal—in Love Creeps an assortment of oddballs stalking each other—and then build twist upon twist upon twist until you can’t help but admire her ingenuity in pulling it off. She’s a comic genius, and well-worth seeking out.


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