Posted on 14th April 2016

By Holland Park School Reading Groups

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Holland Park School review Mobile Library

David Whitehouse

“A light-hearted novel addressing pressing societal issues – such as domestic violence, single-parent households and mental illness – Mobile Library deals with such matters a sensitivity that transforms the reader’s mind.

Being written in the style of a fairy-tale with an unorthodox ending, Whitehouse beautifully represents the role that serendipity plays in one’s life. He writes with a simplicity that allows any and all readers to access an understanding of tribulations that they may not necessarily face.

Overall, although certain aspects of the narrative were hard to follow, Whitehouse always find a way to not only clarify but reveal intricate and intriguing details through is clarifications that will enchant any reader.”

Laila and Jess


“Mobile Library highlights for me the simple way in which strangers can almost instantly bond through difficult circumstance, and quickly progress to a higher level of understanding of one another, as Bobby, Rosa and Val are forced to flee in order to seek a better life. Indeed, in the mobile library that they travel in, the humans are not only developing relationships with each other, but with the utopic worlds found in the books that the mobile library holds. I loved the idea of running away in the library, of ostensibly not needing to worry about anything – society, expectations, the grades needed to make the ideal future for yourself – when the simplest books and stories offer us further escape through fantasies and imagination. Great job Mr Whitehouse!”



David Whitehouse Visit

“Recently, we had the privilege of being visited by Jerwood Prize winning author David Whithouse and it was eminently inspiring.

David was a delight in person and pleasure to meet, reading excerpts from his two published novels, Bed and Mobile Library, and giving the audience tantalising glimpses into his next book. Following the readings he answered questions from various students, encouraging them to both read widely, recommending excellent books for all ages, and create their own stories, giving his experiences of writing and how to, ultimately, get a book published.

Overall his visit was brilliant, if not solely for the chance to meet a prize-winining author, but for the encouragement and inspiration that came from his recounting of his experience and expertise.”



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