Posted on 15th August 2012

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After Such Kindness

Gaynor Arnold’s second novel, After Such Kindness, is inspired by the ‘tender and troubling’ friendship between Lewis Carroll and his muse, the young Alice Liddell. Revisiting the Victorian era of her first novel, Girl in a Blue Dress (a fictionalised account of the marriage of Charles Dickens), Arnold deftly draws a world in which everyone is…

Posted on 4th July 2012

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Gaynor Arnold on Alice, Wonderland, and her new novel, After Such Kindness

But in the end no one knows the ‘real story’ of Charles Dodgson or Alice Liddell, so I have been free to imagine it – or rather imagine a whole scenario in which this relationship between adult and child is played out against the backdrop of the great social movements and religious anxieties of the Victorian age.