Posted on 21st July 2014

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Marry Me

If there’s a lesson to be gleaned from Dan Rhodes’ Marry Me, it’s a Wildean one: mutual misunderstanding is the key to a lasting marriage. This tongue-in-cheek book, a droll collection of 80-odd comic vignettes, skewers dewy-eyed perceptions of marital bliss, offering dysfunctional tale after dysfunctional tale in which hearts are broken, egos are shattered,…

Posted on 24th May 2012

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This is Life & You Deserve Nothing

Paris, as a fictional setting, is now more than a popular novelistic trope: the city’s excessively mythicized status has rendered it an all-purpose ingredient, supplying whichever quality a story might require. An atmosphere of romance, whimsy, hipness or intellectual profundity is magically heightened by a Parisian backdrop, especially when, overtly or otherwise, the author summons…

Posted on 22nd May 2012

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This is Life

‘Using his trademark dark humour Dan Rhodes draws his protagonist Aurélie Renard, and the reader, deep into the heart of the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Rhodes explores art, politics and modern life, with hilarious and enlightening results.’ Jasper Sutcliffe, Head of Buying, Foyles Group 2012 Judging Panel Synopsis: In Paris, art student…