Posted on 1st July 2014

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 Mr Loverman

Bernardine Evaristo is an audacious writer: whether it’s mining her own family tree for material and weaving it into a verse novel or turning history upside down in a revisionist tale of ‘whytes’ enslaved by Africans, she’s not afraid to rip up the rule book in order to tell a story her own way.  She’s…

Posted on 23rd June 2014

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Gretel and the Dark

At its heart, Gretel and the Dark is a story about stories, and the people who tell them. In this novel, stories give comfort, cause conflict, and provide protection to the teller and the listener. For the reader, this collection of tales bound up into this novel is as dense as the woods in a…

Posted on 19th October 2010

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The stepping stones to good writing

“We’ll have put in place a few more stepping stones to help more good writing reach those who appreciate it most, and to launch a few more fresh and original stories into the world.”