Posted on 29th May 2015

Posted by Sophie

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You Are What You Read

Do you ever reflect on the books you’re choosing to read? Why it is you’re drawn to particular titles/covers/genres? Whilst you muse on that, I want to recommend five brilliant writers whom you might want to consider for your next read.   Susan Barker The first writer I’ve chosen is Susan Barker. Her first two…

Posted on 21st May 2015

Posted by Sophie

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For the Love of Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, those who refuse to choose. Welcome all, come, join me and watch the incredible flying trapeze artists, the Lion-Faced Girl and the girl with the performing bear. When people discover my research area they’re either excited by it or ask ‘why?’ If it’s the former, I know I’ve discovered…

Posted on 13th May 2015

Posted by Sophie

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Reading Ourselves

Midnight. Well, almost, we’re too excited to wait. We talk in hushed whispers as we unpack our lovingly prepared tuck boxes. Biscuits, sweets and cake are passed around. Teachers, the other girls and our plans for this term are discussed. But not home, we miss home already. Before I left for school, I’d been stranded…