Posted on 15th May 2013

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Black Bread White Beer

I love the title of Niven Govinden’s third novel, Black Bread White Beer, partly for its ambiguity – it’s never explained or even really illustrated during the book, though do I hear an echo in it of David Bowie’s mid-90s album Black Tie White Noise? True, there is a soggy, inedible café sandwich that plays its…

Posted on 14th May 2013

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Black Bread White Beer

‘A relationship exposed through the excruciating grief of an early miscarriage…a fluent, involving novel that takes the reader’s sympathies and emotions to the quietest, often most unrecognised limits of human pain.’ Lynne Hatwell  Literary Blogger at dovegreyreader scribbles Synopsis: Amal is driving his wife Claud from London to her parents’ country house. In the wake…