Posted on 15th September 2016

Posted by Sophie

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Matt Haig’s The Humans chosen for Kingston University’s Big Read scheme

2014’s Chair of Judges, Matt Haig, has been chosen for Kingston University’s Big Read scheme. The scheme, which is based on similar projects in the US, was set up by Kingston University in 2015 to create a community through shared reading. The scheme sends a limited-edition copy of a book to all new undergraduate and…

Posted on 5th June 2015

Posted by Sophie

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Finding the time to read

We all live very busy lives and there are now more things than ever vying for our attention. Messages appear on our phones demanding a reply, time is spent crafting witty Facebook updates or Tweets, emails flood your Inbox, amusing gifs need to be shared; generally the entire Internet is there to distract you. Added together, these distractions, while…