Posted on 19th June 2013

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Steven Harris’s new graphic novel, Eustace, manages to be both very English and engagingly Surreal.  It is published by Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Random House, who have seemingly cornered the market in what might be termed, in a back-handed kind of way, ‘literary’ graphic novels.  The two recent Costa award nominations, Dotter of her Father’s…

Posted on 2nd April 2013

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The House of Rumour

‘“But I don’t know, Mary-Lou,” he went on, “sometimes it feels like all our great futures are already behind us.” I knew what he meant.  There was a distinct feeling that the age of wonder was over.’ The House of Rumour is the sixth novel from Jake Arnott, and like his previous books it is an…

Posted on 16th July 2012

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The House that Groaned

Pick up a copy of The House that Groaned and you are struck by how gorgeous the book is an object.  The cover picture is itself a house; look closer and you see that the windows have been cut out.  Open it and the inner page reveals the rooms inside, complete with occupants; the book turns into…

Posted on 29th June 2012

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A publisher’s note for China Miéville’s latest book, Railsea, informs us that it is ‘an epic for readers of all ages.’  This pushes it toward the slightly patronising category of Young Adult, making it his second book, after Un Lun Dun, to be promoted so.  It’s more rewarding to consider Railsea, and the YA tag,…